Access Functions and Examples

Once Registered

  1. Login using Start Verification
    Screen image of Start Verification
  2. You can access “My Forms” to “Access My Form Library“ to see/upload Certificates & Attachments.
    Screen image of the user access page
Steps and Forms

  1. Send to your client by mail or email
    Information sheet, example
    Checklist for Client Completion, example
    Client Authorisation Form, example
    Together with your land transaction forms
In House - Face to Face
  1. VOI Certificate, example
  2. VOI Statutory Declaration, example
  3. Declarant VOI, example
OR Client Overseas
  1. Client Overseas Certificate, example
OR Outsource VOI forms to Australia Post
  1. Create our AusPost Referral Forms, example
  2. Send forms to your client together with land transaction to attend at an AusPost outlet.
  3. We notify you by email once your client is identified and we put VOI Certificates in your "My Form Library" directory, example

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